• Spinach and Cheese
    DHS 40.00

    Spinach sautéed with red pepper and feta cheese

  • Feta and Vegetables
    DHS 40.00

    Feta cheese with cucumber, tomato, olives, thyme and olive oil.

  • Pastrami Cheese
    DHS 44.00

    Mozzarella cheese with pastrami slices.

  • Spicy Potato
    DHS 40.00

    Potato, garlic, coriander and chili flakes.

  • Lahmacun
    DHS 44.00

    Traditional open dough topped with ground meat mixed with onion, red pepper and parsley.

  • Soujouk, Cheese and Mushroom
    DHS 40.00

    Turkish soujouk with mozzarella cheese and mushroom

  • Chicken Village Pizza
    DHS 38.00

    Pizza with bazlama dough, Mado goat cheese, sautéed chicken slices and mushroom