Main Course

  • Shish Taouk
    DHS 70.00

    Chicken skewers served with bulgur

  • Half Grilled Chicken
    DHS 73.00

    Marinated grilled chicken served with bulgur

  • Pilic Topkapi
    DHS 73.00

    Chicken stuffed with rice and served with sautéed vegetables

  • Chicken Papyon
    DHS 73.00

    Sliced chicken breast rolled to a cigar shape stuffed with mushroom and cheese

  • Coban Kavurma
    DHS 75/83.00

    Beef or chicken sautéed with onion and cherry tomato, green pepper, tomato sauce served with vermicelli rice

  • Butcher’s Grilled Kofta
    DHS 76.00

    Minced meat mixed with parsley and onion served with bulgur

  • Lamb Chops
    DHS 91.00

    Grilled lamb chops served with sautéed broad beans, artichokes, sundried tomatoes and labneh topped with dried mint

  • Adana Kabab
    DHS 80.00

    Minced meat mixed with red pepper and garlic served with bulgur.

  • Ali Nazik Kabab
    DHS 80.00

    Lamb meat sautéed with green pepper and served on bed of eggplant purée

  • Beyti Kebab
    DHS 80.00

    Adana kebab wrapped in thin bread and served with yogurt and tomato sauce

  • Hunkar Begendi
    DHS 80.00

    Beef tenderloin sautéed in tomato sauce on bed of creamy and cheese roasted eggplant puree.

  • Prawns Casserole
    DHS 85.00

    Shrimps sautéed in tomato sauce with green and red pepper

  • The Turkish Burger
    DHS 80.00

    Juicy burger served with onion mushroom sauce, pickled red cabbage, fries and Mado’s special sauce

  • Mado Manti
    DHS 55.00

    Turkish ravioli stuffed with minced meat served with yogurt, tomato sauce in butter mint sauce

  • Mado Mixed Grill
    DHS 96.00

    A skewer of kofta, taouk, adana and meat cubes

  • Celtik Kebab
    DHS 91.00

    Beef Tenderloin sautéed in tomato sauce and meatballs served with shredded crispy fries

  • Family Mixed Grill
    DHS 370.00

    3 Skewers of meat cubes, 3 skewers of adana, 3 skewers of taouk, 8 meatball served with bulgur

  • Hanging Skewers
    DHS 92.00

    Grilled chicken, meat cubes , meatball served with aciliezme, yogurt, hummus, eggplant purée and bulgur