• Classic Breakfast Platter
    DHS 49.00

    Maras cheese, feta cheese, yellow cheese, su borek, honey, butter, orange jam, strawberry jam, olives, boiled eggs, tomato and cucumber served with bread basket and unlimited glasses of tea.

  • Sini Breakfast for 2 Persons
    DHS 96.00

    Herbal cheese, feta cheese, yellow cheese, “su borek” and cheese gozleme, honey with Turkish cream, butter, mohammara, tahini and molasses, jam, mixed olives, cherry tomato, cucumber, green chili, fresh mint, seasonal fruits, dried apricot, fried eggs with soujouk, mixed bread basket and unlimited unlimited glasses of tea

  • Delight Breakfast for 4 Persons
    DHS 175.00

    Cheese platter, mixed borek platter, balila, honey borek, vegetable platter, labneh, yogurt honey fresh fruits, orange jam, butter, cilbir eggs, bread basket and unlimited glass of tea

  • Cilbir Eggs
    DHS 38.00

    Poached eggs with Turkish yogurt and tomato sauce

  • Fried Eggs with Soujouk
    DHS 43.00

    Fried eggs with Turkish soujouk

  • Build Your Eggs
    DHS 43.00

    3 eggs of your choice, omelette or scrambled style with 4 additional ingredients Additions: Yellow cheese, feta cheese, mushroom, vegetables, spinach, mozzarella cheese, pastrami and soujouk

  • Menemen
    DHS 41.00

    Menemen in Casserole: Eggs mixed with tomato and green pepper AED 41 Menemen Soujouk: Eggs with tomato, green pepper and Turkish soujouk AED 45 Cakalli Menemen: Egg yolks mixed with tomato, green pepper, chili flakes and yellow cheese AED 41

  • Simit/Acma Breakfast
    DHS 28.00

    Turkish bagel “simit” or soft “acma” served with fresh greens, cherry tomato, cucumber and glass of tea — Melted yellow cheese — Feta cheese, olive oil, tomato and cucumber — Labneh, olive oil, mint leaves, cucumber, tomato and olives

  • Mixed Hot Breakfast
    DHS 53.00

    Pacanga Boregi, Halloumi Cheese, Soujouk, Cheese Roll, Menemen, Stuffed Mushroom, Grilled Vegetable and French fries.

  • Honey sunrise
    DHS 35.00

    Fresh honey comb with Turkish kaymak cream

  • Eggs with Meat
    DHS 38.00

    Fried eggs with meat cubes

  • Eggs and Potato
    DHS 35.00

    Fried eggs with potato, parsley, spring onion and diced tomato

  • Low Fat Omelette
    DHS 36.00

    White eggs with green and red capsicum, parsley and mushroom served with steamed vegetables